How to Plan Your Perfect Vacation Trip to Singapore

Rightly called the Playground of the Rich, this small country located in South-East Asia has witnessed growth unparalleled in depth and variety. For the superficial ones out there, Singapore is all about those brilliant high-rises, shopping malls, fast trains and luxury! But if you take the time to take a closer look, you will be amazed at how much this small nation offers in terms of history and culture along with natural beauty.


English is the second most widely spoken language in the country, making it an immediate second home to English speaking folks. One advantage of being a small country is that you can rely on the public transportation system completely. It has often been voted the most foreigner-friendly and navigation-friendly nations in Asia. Although the cost may be slightly higher than what you will find in Thailand or Vietnam, the extra dollar spent is totally worth it!

Which are the best tourist places in Singapore?

Despite being a small country, the sheer option it offers is mind blowing. Let us take a look at some of the most talked-about ones! You can find out all the information to need at the Singapore tourism website.


  1. Marina Bay Sands: This resort complex is luxury and elegance personified. Not everyone can afford this opulence, but those who can, make sure you don’t miss this place. The Skypark and its viewing deck along with the infinity pool is a sight to behold and are sure to keep your memories warm for a long time.
  2. Singapore Flyer: This one is not for the acrophobic out there. If you are one, get out as soon as you can, for this giant observation wheel is sure to breathe life into your worst nightmares. Open throughout the day and well into the night, choose which view of Singapore you want to take back home with you!
  3. Botanic gardens: Nominated the first UNESCO World Heritage site in Singapore, this place is worth the tag. It offers a perfect getaway from the concrete jungle which the country is otherwise all about.
  4. Little India: Surprisingly, Indians consist more than 40% of the population and has contributed heavily to the development that one sees all around. Therefore, it was only apt that they named the place Little India and is infact a mini India in terms of culture, architecture and cuisines.

How to find Singapore Budget Hotels?

Singapore is not just about luxury and fine dining. It is not just the rich who can afford a decent holiday in this futuristic city. Your travel agent is sure to flood you with high end options including five star hotels and a thirteen course dinner. But if you take the time to look, you will discover a lot of budget hotels in the country. The best way to identify budget hotels in Singapore is to browse local websites instead of using your travel planner’s website. Also talk to natives in various forums and find out cheaper options. You never know, you may even get yourself a home-stay deal at throw-away prices that way!

These affordable budget hotels in Singapore will ensure that you don’t have to worry about spending much on your accommodation.…

Wale and dolphins watching in Tenerife

There are few excursions which can match the universal appeal of a boat trip. Imagine it: the sea breeze in your hair, the smell of salt, the sun on your face and the expectation of seeing some exotic marine life. Well in Tenerife this is the reality. Many dolphins and wales can be seen of the coast of Tenerife and the neary by Canary islands.  Really having a boat charter trip is something I cannot recommend enough, it is something which  people of all ages can enjoy together.  Please go to this toursim agent if you would like a boat trip in Tenerife. It is possible to buy direct through their webpage.

There is a wide range of marine animals which can be seen in the warm waters of the Canary islands. Sharks, turtles, jelly fish, sting rays, sea cucumbers are just a few. But don’t worry, it is very unlikely that you will be attacked by a shark when swimming here.

There has also been an increase in eco tourism in the Canary islands

as part of a move to sustain the amazing wildlife which keeps people coming here. This is part of a balancing act to ensure that mass tourism which brings a lot of revenue to the island is not something which damages the wildlife and the quality of life for the local inhabitants.

Another great thing about Tenerife it is an extremely safe place and does not pose any of the dangerous which countries in North Africa have to tourists and holiday makers. This is one of the reasons that so many people come to retire on the peaceful island and who can blame them !?

La Gomera also offers holidays a lot of day trips and it is easy to get a ferry from Los Cristianos. You can drive round the island the entire day and see all that is available on this peaceful island.  The people here have their own language which is made from whistling to communicate in the mountains.

Fuertevenura is a offers large amounts of sunshine all year round and it’s beaches cannot be matched by any of the other islands. It is also the longest island and the closest to Africa. It is possible to see the island from Santa Cruz ( the capital of Tenerife)

El Hiero is one of the more remote islands and least commercial. It has amazing scenery and is a very green island. I do not think there any direct flights here, so you will need to take a boat direct from Tenerife


The only thing people want is cheap travel

One of the best things to come out of the ‘naughties’ or whatever the last decade was called is the arrival of cheap flights around Europe. It has opened up the continent in a way or grandparents could have only dreamed. In yesteryear it was exciting to go on holiday to France, after many hours on a coach and taking a Ferrry. Now with the arrival of Ryan air, it is possible to go to Prague, Poland or the South of Span for little more that it would cost to go on the London tube ( no joke ).


Whatever you think about low cost airlines the fact remains the price savings are unbelievable. Thinks about it. How is it really possible to fly in a aero plane at a cost lower than a train ticket?

Now, depending who you ask, this is not necessarily a good thing. Travel was once the preserve of the upper classes. Some are not at all interested in having a holiday next to the ‘riff raff’.  Places notorious for this are some locations in Spain which are having for working class Brits.  More middle class Britain go fuehrer east to the Thailand or India for a more exotic location.…

What to consider while visiting Spain

 Tips To Consider While Visiting Spain  

Indeed, Spain is an amazing cultural powerhouse. Its incredible diversity of people and passions put it at lifetime appeal. Actually, Spain is the second largest country in Europe in terms of area, and the third largest exporter of wine, vegetables and fruits in the globe. The following are some tips that you should know while visiting Spain.

Useful links about the Canary Islands.

Supposing you plan renting a car and drive, make sure you read the driving guide for the foreigners so that you can grasp details like parking fee in the cities among other things.

Ensure you purchase a travel guidebook to Spain, and read it to comprehend the specific parts, cities you will be interested to visit, and generally know the geography of Spain. Of course there is mainland Spain but also the 7 Canary islands which are located further south of the edge of Morocco.
The most suitable time to travel in Spain is during Spring due to the fact that, that is the period when the weather is good. In the summer it can often be in the mid 30’s and this way too much for the average holiday maker.  However this depends by what region you are thinking of travelling to.

Madrid is the geographical center of Spain, and the best means to travel from Madrid to other cities is by high-speed train because it beats air travel, and it is much more cosy and comfortable than by plane.

The most easy way to get euros is by using an ATM machine. Spain has the most ATM machines; almost at every block in its cities.  Remember: always take out money in the currency of the country you are in, if the ATM asks you for currency exchange you will be charged a fee, greater than your bank would typically charge you back home.

Ensure you plan to visit places and cities when you have considered distance between places to avoid inconveniencing yourself.  The public transportation systems is not great in Spain, and even worse in places such as Tenerife or La Palma. Because of this it is best to plan carefully to avoid missing buss’s, as you never know when the next one might arrive.

Another word of advice would be get of the beaten track and go where the locals go! This way you will experience the real Spain.…

Travel Tips to European Countries: Albania

Albania may be a mountainous country and also the one in every of the tiniest countries of Europe. The residents purportedly descended from ancient Illyrians.


Travelling at intervals the country

There are buses with comparatively low-cost fares operate within the main cities of the country or taxis. Visit Dajti Mountain and knowledge Dajti Ekspres car for Associate in Nursing lingering fifteen minute ride passing through Dajt Oark to succeed in national capital. The route is concerning four.2 kilometre long and also the ride prices €6.5. Alpha water travel provides crewed yacht that may be a luxury in itself. national capital Bank is that the best place for retreating cash because it permits access to Visa cards.

The prime minster of Albania has announced that tourism is to play a major part in the economic development of Albania.  See here in the article attached.