Interesting places in Spain

It is one of the biggest oceanariums in Europe and it is situated in the west Of Valencia. This enormous park is divided into ten areas. It depicts marine life in Mediterranean Sea and the polar oceans. It also reflects the tropical seas, Red Sea and the Arctic. You can also find there a dolphinarium, a big garden which includes approximately 80 various species of plants as well as Red Sea aquarium. You will be amazed by the beauty of this place and it will leave a great impression on you.

City of the Arts and Sciences
It is one of the most contemporary touristic destinations in Valencia because it is all-in-one cultural, entertainment and architectural complex, where many things can be done and seen. And it is a must see place even if you come only for the weekends. You can come with your family or friends and have a great time. It includes several buildings:
• L’Hemisfèric – it includes laserium, planetarium and IMAX Cinema and illustrates an enormous eye, known as an “eye of knowledge”.
• El Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe – it is a scientific museum which is interactive and looks like the skeleton of a whale.
• L’Umbracle – it is a place with different kinds of species of plants which is typical for Spain. The most interesting thing is that plants tend to change it color depends in the season and it includes 99 palm trees, 68 orange trees and 78 small palm-trees which makes this places extremely appealing.
• L’Oceanogràfic – is a building which is made in shape of water lily and it is open-air. You can see there almost 500 species of marine animals: sharks, dolphins, seals sea urchins and etc. This place is unique and one of the best place to imagine yourself being in the ocean.
• El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia – it is an opera house. It is also used as an art centre where lots of cultural, musical and artistic performances take place. And it consists of four sections: Main hall, the auditorium, the master hall and the Martin y Soler theatre.
• El Pont de l’Assut de l’Or – it is a bridge that connects the south side with Minorca Street and it is height is 125 meters.
4 The old Turia river bed
The Turia old river bed is pure pearl of Valencia which resembles a true spirit of the city. It is not place that should be visited by any tourist or a wanderer and it is impossible not to notice this magnificent garden. While being there you will feel that you are surrounded by this charming place which makes you relaxed and forget about time. Another big and important city in Spain is Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is the capital of Teneirfe.  Here, you will find residential and also holiday apartments. Other popular areas in include Puerto de la Cruz.

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